How to Write Effective SEO Articles

Search engine optimized articles, or SEO’s, are articles that are tailored to show up when certain keywords are used within writing.  These keywords are picked up, for example, by a Google web search.  You don’t even have to be SEO savvy in order to make sure your target audience finds you accordingly to what you write.  The marketing potential is huge, and easy to access if you know what you’re doing. 

Firstly, you need to envision what key words define your article.  If it’s about a do-it-yourself project on how to create a vegetable garden, your keywords are vegetable, garden, and DIY.  Bear in mind they should always match your target niche.  A single word that is too broad can mix the search results with a bunch of other leads. 

You can also do a little testing yourself using Google’s keyword suggestion tool.  Imagine you’re looking up your own article.  Type in what you think would best describe the gist of your work, and see what options pop up.  If none of the articles on your screen look similar to what you’re about to write, you might want to rethink your trigger points. 

When writing your article however, forget for the time being about keywords entirely.  Write based on your research and allow your natural creative author in you to flow onto the page.  Make sure your work is spell-checked and comprehensive for your readers, to avoid flaws throwing off your ability to be found later.

Once finished, go back and review your grammar.  Certain vocabulary points can be replaced with the keywords you selected earlier.  Be sure not to repeat yourself by using synonyms in strategic positions throughout the article; your keywords in total should not pass the 2-3% word density.