Useful Business Phone Apps – Are you taking full advantage of your smartphone?

Useful Business Phone Apps – Are you taking full advantage of your smartphone?

No one can argue the benefits of smartphones, keeping you connected to your professional, social and personal circles. They’re basically our lifelines to the outside world, but are we taking full advantage of our so-called smartphones, or are we just tweeting what we had for breakfast?

These days, there are hundreds of phone applications (apps) on the market. Discovering what is a waste of time and what isn’t can be a hassle, which is why we compiled this list of helpful apps to help you organize, plan and focus yourself and your business throughout the day.

This is an alternative to your vanilla calendar app. Sunrise syncs with both your Google and Facebook events as well as many standard calendar formats, easily streamlining your social and professional calendar into one clean and responsive app. What makes Sunrise stand above the rest isn’t its features, but its friendly User Interface, simplicity and ease of use.

Ever felt like you needed a personal assistant? Wunderlist won’t pick up your coffee, but it can remember where your favorite coffee bistro is located, but remembering your favorite locations around town isn’t all Wunderlist can do. This is no one-trick pony. Wunderlist’s true potential lies within its ability to make shareable to-do lists, in great detail, the ability to add subtasks, due dates, and even assign tasks to a specific person in your list. It keeps everyone up to date and on the same page.

You know a meeting goes great when it’s productive and a lot of great ideas are tossed around. Then, when you leave the conference room, you forget half of what was said. Hey, it happens. Meetings can be chaotic, but Evernote can fix that. This clever app lets you collect all of your thoughts, ideas, and data in one convenient location. Clip web articles, capture handwritten notes and snap photos. Best part is, this information can be accessed anywhere thanks to Evernote’s versatility.

Rescue Time
Let’s face it, life is hectic. Sometimes, we spend more time on work projects than we should. Or, maybe you’re spending an extra five minutes on that break. We’ve all done it, but with the help of the Rescue Time app, you can track how you really spend those productive (and not-so-productive) hours throughout the day. Rescue Time runs securely in the background of your PC or mobile devices, then tracks the time spent on applications, and gives you a precise representation of your day. Detailed reports on your activity help you focus and promote healthy, productive hours. Rescue Time is free for iOS and Android, Windows 8, and Mac, however a paid version with more features is available.

With the growing creativity in the technologic field, growing entrepreneurs can run a more organized and efficient business all at the tip of their fingers. These are just a handful of our favorites, but if you find that these don’t cut it for you, take some time to explore your phone app store. There are so many different types of apps that you may find an app more suited to your specific needs. Bottom line, using smartphone apps is a unique and interactive way to keep your business running smoothly.